Staging by Sonoran Accents

Serving Greater Phoenix Area

Staging by Sonoran Accents - Serving Greater Phoenix Area


What Our Clients Are Saying


“These ladies are amazing! We have worked together on multiple projects in different capacities, and they have always exceeded my expectations. They know their market, and customize their work to each individual home. Staged homes sell !! I am happy to discuss in greater detail and provide a recommendation for Sonoran Accents anytime.” -Nikol Adamski, Realtor Associated Properties, LLC


Hello Barb and Joellyn,

As you already note, the house is under contract….. Thanks for your great service. I am convinced that your wonderful staging was a big factor in the house going into contract within 3 days at full listed price.


Sincerely, HC, Gilbert


If we want a property to sell, all we have to do is have you stage it. Contract on your latest staging job for us was on day 1. DK, Phoenix




The home was sold as we walked through the door, and it was the staging that did it! AB Phoenix





I just wanted to let all of you know that you did the most amazing job on this home for me and my clients :) They had it listed previously with a realtor for 6 months and had very few showings with no offers as this home presents a few very particular oddities and challenges. You all overcame these challenges brilliantly! We received multiple offers within 24 hours and we are accepting an offer for 15K over asking price. I cannot begin to describe to you how ecstatic my clients are! Thank you soooooooo much for all of your hard work, dedication and professionalism! JW, Scottsdale


I have a property that we need to stage. Dennis said you guys are great. We need this thing sold so work your magic! JS, Phoenix

The transformation of this Phoenix property was astounding. Sonoran Accents made this challenging house a home. It sold within 2 weeks of staging. RH, Gilbert

Thank you again for your great work and as usual we sold the house after your wonderful staging. DK, Phoenix

We were amazed the difference a day made! Thank you. We want you to decorate our new home! KW, Scottsdale

Sonoran Accents helped me sell my clients home quickly with their great skills in home staging. The home had many dated areas that they transformed and made come alive. The property sold within 30 days of staging after 2 years on the market. As a side note I have never seen any other company work as hard as this one does. Sonoran Accents is great! DR-Chandler

…I was blown away. The difference Sonoran Accents made was simply amazing. I have no doubt that their staging sold this home.TC, Mesa

I had a short sale that I thought would never close. These ladies are amazing. I watched as they transformed this property. Clearly, they know what they’re doing and always exceed my expectations. NA, Mesa

Sonoran Accents was a pleasure to work with. The change their skills made in my listing was remarkable – It became a “classy” home in your hands. LW, Mesa.

I love what you did. It almost makes me want to stay here and not sell. LH, Peoria

I was very pleased with everything. Sonoran Accents did everything they said they would on time. I was very pleased and will be using them for my next vacant property.MT, Scottsdale

Thanks for the great job. Your staging skills made the difference in selling this home quickly for more than asking price. MC, Gilbert

I was very impressed with Sonoran Accents personally and professionally. Additionally their pricing is very reasonable. I will be recommending they to everyone in my office. DN, Scottsdale

The house looks very nice: contemporary, stylish and open. I think your choices highlight the basic qualities of the house very well. TR, Scottsdale